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The Education Thematic Area Story

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Based on the PMDU Principle of Prioritization, the Education Thematic area prioritized at improving teacher attendance to duty was chosen as being foundational to improving the quality of education before among other factors. The main focus has been dedicated to UPE schools in 20 districts in the Eastern region of Uganda. The choice of the districts was based on national performance of districts in primary leaving examinations (PLE) in 2015. Incidentally the worst performing districts were all from the Eastern part of Uganda with the exception being Kayunga and Buvuma districts. The focus districts include Bududa, Bugiri, Bukwo, Bulambuli, Buvuma, Buyende, Kaliro, Kapchorwa, Kayunga, Kween, Luuka, Manafwa, Mayuge , Mbale, Namutumba, Pallisa, Serere, Sironko, Soroti and Tororo.

The Health Thematic Area - Our Journey Our Story

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In line with our mandate to fast track implementation of executive priorities anchored in the NDP III, PMDU employed a deliverology methodology in collaboration with MDAs to achieve rapid results in key government priority programs. Deliverology nurtures a culture of speed, rigor and visibility of results in public service delivery, using a combination of practices consisting of Delivery Labs; Stock-takes; real-time Data Delivery Chains within a framework of multi-level and inter-agency stakeholder engagements.  



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The Office of the Prime Minister, through one of its units, the Prime Minister’s Delivery unit (PMDU) Under the Strategic Coordination and Policy Implementation department, is planning to implement the “Enhancement of Productivity, accountability and Knowledge systems (EPAKS-the Project). The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/International Development Association (the “Bank”), acting as administrator of grant funds under the Partnership for Support to the Implementation of Uganda’s National Development Plan II Multi-Donor Trust Fund, has agreed to provide financing for the Project.

Office of the Prime Minister, through EPAKs, will implement material measures and actions so that the Project is implemented in accordance with the World Bank Environmental and Social Standards (ESSs). This Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) sets out a summary of the material measures and actions.

The table below summarizes the material measures and actions that are required as well as the timing of the material measures and actions. Office of the Prime Minister is responsible for compliance with all requirements of the ESCP

Implementation of the material measures and actions set out in this ESCP will be monitored and reported to the Bank by OPM through Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) as required by the ESCP and the conditions of the legal agreement, and the Bank will monitor and assess progress and completion of the material measures and actions throughout implementation of the Project

As agreed by the Bank and Prime Ministers’ Delivery Unit, this ESCP may be revised from time to time during Project implementation, to reflect adaptive management of Project changes and unforeseen circumstances or in response to assessment of Project performance conducted under the ESCP itself. In such circumstances, OPM, through PMDU, will agree to the changes with the Bank and will update the ESCP to reflect such changes. Agreement on changes to the ESCP will be documented through the exchange of letters signed between the Bank and the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM). OPM, through PMDU will promptly disclose the updated ESCP. Depending on the project, the ESCP may also specify the funding necessary for completion of a measure or action. 6. Where Project changes, unforeseen circumstances, or Project performance result in changes to the risks and impacts during Project implementation, OPM shall agree on the best way feasible to solicit financing needed to implement actions and measures to address such risks and impacts.


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