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Uganda aspires to attain middle-income status under the auspices of Vision 2040. The performance of jobs and incomes is one of the main benchmarks of progress in this direction. More jobs and higher incomes for households are core indicators of socioeconomic transformation, a theme that features consistently across Uganda’s National Development Plan (NDP) series.
Under the NDP III (2021-2025), Government target to create at least 2.5 million jobs and to increase Uganda’s coffee production from 7 to 20 million bags as provided for in the Coffee Roadmap. PMDU played a catalytic role in the formulation and launch of the Coffee Roadmap in 2017 by H.E. the President, and continues to do so with respect to its implementation.  Since the launch of the Coffee Roadmap, Uganda's coffee sector has registered unprecedented growth with coffee exports nearly doubling within the NDP II 5-year period (from 3.5 million to 6 million bags between FY 2015/16 and FY2020/21). PMDU building on these gains with an expanded mandate that includes the formulation and implementation of roadmaps for achieving Presidential targets for the Cassava and Grain (Maize) sectors.
On the wider employment landscape, PMDU is engaged with stakeholders to sustain focus on implementation performance of the employment reforms in NDP III. PMDU’s focus priority in this regard is on implementation performance of the Parish Development Model (PDM) whose goal is to graduate the 39% of Ugandan households in the subsistence economy into wealth and job creators. 

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