Prof Ezra Suruma: Welcome to PMDU
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Prof Ezra Suruma: Welcome to PMDU

Its my pleasure to share with you the achievement by the government of Uganda in the priority sectors that we as the prime minister's delivery unit are supporting through innovative approaches to enhance the quality of service delivery.

We have been working to improve the the quality of education, health, infrastructure and helping the expansion of the coffee sector. We believe that this work will improve our people's quality of life and accelerate the attainment of national goal of a middle income country by the year 2030.

The Prime Minister's Delivery Unit was established with the express purpose of accelerating development  in priority sectors, testing out the new approaches based on evidence and real-time data.  Initially focusing on twenty (20) districts in Eastern Uganda whose statistical education indicators  showed the need for accelerated attention, we focused on  ensuring the attendance of education and health staff as we believed that teachers and health s workers presence are critical components of service delivery.

The results achieved are not ours but are to the credit of the responsible ministries, agencies, local governments and other stakeholders who were willing to cooperate in the introduction of the new approaches introduced by the PMDU. My congratulation to the PMDU staff for their hard work and dedication.

We would like to thank  the Prime Minister for championing the rolling out of this methodology. we also salute our development partners, particularly DFID and Delivery Associates consultants for their support.
We do believe that the lessons learnt will be invaluable as we move to expand and roll out the reforms in the priority sectors across all the districts of Uganda.
Thank you very much.


Prof Ezra Suruma
Head: Prime Minister's Delivery Unit 

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